Using removable partial dentures for replacing front teeth

your smile with removable partial dentures for replacing front teeth at StarBrite Dental

Your smile says a lot about you. When imperfections or problems arise, it can cause you to feel more self-conscious about the appearance of your smile. With the team at StarBrite Dental of Dublin, California, you can rest easy knowing your smile is beautiful AND functional! When you have had the front teeth lost or extracted, it is essential to work with a dentist who can restore your beautiful smile with restorations such as removable partial dentures for the front teeth.

What are removable partial dentures?

Drs. Munira Lokhandwala, Maryum Tariq, and Richard Yai of StarBrite Dental describe the removable partial denture as an appliance designed to replace either one or more teeth in the arch. This type of restoration is made of a metal and acrylic base with a set of lifelike replacement teeth that resembles natural teeth, and it uses your existing dental structure as support to stay in place comfortably.

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What are the advantages of quality removable partial dentures?

Not only do partial dentures look natural, but they also help to restore your facial appearance and form. They offer additional stability by preventing other teeth from shifting out of place, which will further help to maintain your overall oral health. Removable partial dentures are also easier to remove for cleaning or repair than a fixed bridge restoration. This makes them simple to care for to ensure they last many years without replacement. Your dentist will educate you on the advantages of removable partial dentures and whether or not they are the ideal solution for your unique situation. Many patients find them to be easy to care for, natural-looking, and effective in restoring the function of the smile in an affordable manner.

Take charge of your smile today with dentures for tooth replacement!

Have you experienced the loss or extraction of the front teeth in your smile? Restore your appearance and function by working with our team at StarBrite Dental to obtain removable partial dentures that fit your needs! 

Drs. Munira Lokhandwala, Maryum Tariq, and Richard Yai of Dublin, CA, are available to assist you in finding the right solution for your unique dental needs. Call (925) 828-0252 to request an appointment at the office.

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