Dental Implants

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  • Dental implants use titanium metal screws, which will implanted into the bone of the jaw at the location of the missing tooth.
  • When adult patients are missing one or more teeth, they need to attend to restoring their smile’s function and beauty.
  • Dental implants are also used for the stabilization of dentures.
  • They are extremely strong, natural looking.

Most patients who have a healthy smile and sufficient bone structure are ideal candidates for a procedure known as dental implants.

After placement and over the course of several weeks, the process of osseointegration (integration with the bone) occurs and results in the bone of the jaw growing into and wrapping around the implant and holding it firmly in place, the same way the bone holds natural tooth roots. Once stable and strong, a dental crown is placed over the implant with the use of an abutment piece on the top of the screwed in dental implant. Patients can then smile again, eat again, and have the confidence they had before they lost their natural tooth.

Full dentures have a tendency to slip, fit improperly and irritate the gum tissue, resulting in sores and overall discomfort. This keeps many patients from using their dentures, which in turn slowly results in bone degradation and sagging of the facial muscle. Instead, dentures can be kept in place using dental implants, which snap into the full dentures to stabilize them and have them fit tightly into the jaw. Patients can then enjoy their favorite foods once again and not have to worry about losing their dentures at the most inappropriate times, like eating in a restaurant.

There are many advantages to having dental implants placed. They are extremely strong, natural-looking, and when maintained properly over the years, can last a lifetime. Although dental implants are often more costly up front, their value is seen in their long-lasting nature. Dental implants are a great investment in the smile for many years to come!

Dr. Munira Lokhandwala and the team at Dublin, CA’s StarBrite Dental Dublin are committed to assisting patients in finding effective ways of restoring the smile. A simple consultation visit and examination are encouraged to determine if a patient is a qualified candidate for this procedure and can benefit from the use of dental implants for tooth replacement or denture stabilization. Patients who are not able to have implants placed may still be candidates for alternatives, including conventional dentures or dental bridges.

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