StarBrite Dental Explains the Benefits of iTero Crowns

Benefits of iTero Crowns at StarBrite Dental in Dublin CA Area

There are many benefits of iTero Crowns, and StarBrite Dental in Dublin, CA, explains these benefits in detail. Led by Dr. Lokhandwala, the StarBrite Dental office uses iTero technology and a particular machine to create porcelain crowns for tooth restoration. The benefits of these types of crowns are numerous, and StarBright Dental explains some of them.

Same-day Service!

Before we get into the significant benefits, we want to emphasize how quickly iTero technology works.Traditionally, when crowns are needed, the process can take weeks, consisting of removing the tooth’s structure for preparation, making an impression, and delivering it to another laboratory where the new crown is made. Then eventually, it returns to the patient.

However, our process is much more straightforward than that. With iTero technology, we can create brand-new crowns for patients in as little as fifteen minutes. This procedure saves time and teeth! Some injuries cannot wait weeks. That is why we believe in iTero technology.

Benefits and Function

iTero technology focuses on the need of the patient and the quality of the result. You need to get your smile back to normal as quickly as possible, and you need it to last. iTero technology can do that and more.

  • Hide blemishes within the smile.
  • Aid in the repair of a damaged tooth.
  • Strengthen a fractured tooth to keep it from getting worse and needing removal.
  • Act as protection for a tooth.
  • Hide a permanently stained tooth.
  • Act as a restoration for dental implants.
  • Act as protection after root canal therapy.
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If there is any damage to your smile, restoration is of high importance. Making sure the repair is flawless and natural is an even higher priority. These are things patients are concerned with. We meet our patients where they are to provide dental services that last a lifetime.


After hearing about the benefits, you may want to see them for yourself. If you feel like crowns made with iTero technology are right for you, call (925) 828-0252 to book an appointment. StarBrite Dental has various options available for residents of Dublin, CA, regarding crowns made with iTero technology. Call StarBrite Dental today to schedule an appointment!

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