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Mon-Wed: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Friday : 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
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Closed: Thursdays and Sundays
We strive to offer convenient and quick appointments. We can schedule for weekends, early mornings and late evenings to meet your busy schedules.


StarBrite Dental Dublin patients have reviewed us more than a 1000 times online on various sites. Below are just a few of the comments made by satisfied patients of our practice.
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"My wife and I are so glad found this place! StarBrite Dental Dublin provided us excellent care and everyone who works there is amazing. My recent trip there was seen by Dr. Munira , it was a great experience and I highly recommend both doctors. We feel very comfortable coming there and leaving happy. I would recommend this place to all my family and friends. " - Philip N
"I had an emergency dental problem and couldn’t get an appointment with my dentist or a few others I tried. Dr. Munira agreed to see me within 1 hour. Not only did she and her associate do an excellent job, they are now my permanent dentist. Thank you Dr. Munira!!" - Linda D
"From my personal experience I give StarBrite Dental a definite kudos. They are highly knowledgeable in the procedures that they perform and they educate their patients well on said procedures. I went to have two dental implants placed (both being rear molars), and I can honestly say that I was comfortable the whole time as I experienced no pain during each procedure. I enjoyed every visit; the staff is friendly and attentive. Overall, I highly recommend StarBrite dental." - Kevin L
"StarBrite Dental is absolutely the best dental practice that my husband and I have ever been to. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and will highly recommend StarBrite to all my friends. It was such a warm, happy, and personal experience. They are so professional, qualified & really concerned. Dr. Munira & her staff explained every detail of what was going on during my procedure. I have never felt so comfortable nor had such a wonderful dentist visit before. I am looking forward in getting all my dental needs taken care of with StarBrite." - Michael G
"I love Dr. Lokhandwala's office as well as her dentistry skills. Each employee from the technicians to the office assistants work in tandem to provide a speedy and effective solution to a dental problem. All options are discussed in detail so the patient has an understanding of the work that will be undertaken and once a process is underway, you feel relieved to be in such competent hands. I highly recommend her for any and all of your dental needs." - Elizabeth R
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"This place is a great place to take your kids they are very good dentist Lokhandwala has that Magic touch. My Little girl was happy and wants to go back."
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