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A beautiful smile is just a treatment away, and when adult patients visit StarBrite Dental in Dublin, CA to see Dr. Munira Lokhandwala about ways to address their misalignment, she may suggest to them the benefits of Six Month Smiles.

Six Month Smiles has many advantages including:

  • Unconventional method of orthodontia
  • More discreet than traditional braces
  • Tooth-colored brackets and wires
  • Faster realignment of the smile
  • Dramatic results in approximately six months
  • More comfortable
  • Affordable

Six Month Smiles is a wonderful way for adult patients to straighten their smiles without conventional orthodontics. Metal bracket and wire braces are a thing of the past now that patients can enjoy a more beautiful smile without these unsightly apparatuses. While Six Month Smiles still uses brackets and wires, they are specially designed to be more effective while also discreet.

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Six Month Smiles uses wires and brackets that are tooth-colored, which are much less noticeable on the smile. Patients who are unhappy with the idea of traditional orthodontia that can be unattractive may want to consider alternative orthodontic methods such as Six Month Smiles.

Another benefit of Six Month Smiles is achieving a more beautiful smile faster than ever. Many patients will find that their appearance will change dramatically over the course of several months. This is because the teeth near the front of the smile will quickly and easily realign with this treatment in a way that warrants attention!


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Six Month Smiles is best for patients who do not have problems with their bite alignment and are interested strictly in the cosmetic benefits of realigning the teeth. Dr. Munira Lokhandwala can discuss with patients whether this method of treatment is right for them and help them in determining what orthodontic solution can help them achieve a better-aligned smile in an effective and affordable manner.

Dr. Munira Lokhandwala believes that better smiles can be achieved without the need for conventional braces, and can introduce patients to the many types of orthodontia available at her practice to find the one that best suits their needs, desires, and budget. Along with Six Month Smiles, she also offers Invisalign as alternatives. Together with a quality dentist, you too can find a way to repair and enhance your natural smile without the need for metal bracket and wire orthodontics. Contact StarBrite Dental Dublin today to learn more about the options available for enhancing your smile.

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