Dublin, CA area patients ask about the cost and benefits of Invisalign

Dr. Munira Lokhandwala, Star Brite Dental Dublin, CA area patients ask about the cost and benefits of Invisalign

Dr. Munira Lokhandwala of StarBrite Dental Dublin is a proud provider of Invisalign. It is one of many orthodontic alternatives available to patients in her practice in Dublin, CA. Patients often ask questions about the process, cost, and benefits of using Invisalign for their smiles.

Invisalign explained

Patients often hear of Invisalign but are unsure of how it works. Invisalign is an orthodontic system that, instead of using metal brackets and wires, achieves results with clear aligner trays. Aligner tray therapy, as it is often called, can be a wonderful way to straighten the teeth without the unsightly appearance of traditional orthodontia. Patients have digitized scans of their smile completed and then these are used to create a series of trays. When used in progression, these trays reposition the teeth.

What is the cost of Invisalign?

During a consultation visit, patients will be assessed and the team can decide if Invisalign is appropriate. The cost of Invisalign is often comparable to traditional braces, and can be determined based on the number of trays needed to achieve desired results.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

  • Comparable in cost to conventional methods
  • Easy to use and progress through the series of trays
  • Trays are removeable for eating, drinking, and cleaning
  • Trays are indistinguishable on the smile when patients are wearing them
  • Easy-clean trays for better oral hygiene throughout treatment
  • Reduced chance of periodontal disease and cavities
  • Comfortable trays that do not poke or irritate the skin or gums

Interested in Invisalign?

Find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign by visiting StarBrite Dental Dublin. Dr. Munira Lokhandwala consults with patients to determine if this is best for their specific needs. Call (925) 828-0252 to schedule an appointment at the practice, conveniently located at 7197 Village Parkway, Suite B in Dublin, California.

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