The Benefits of Having Dentures for Missing Teeth

Dentures for Missing Teeth at StarBrite Dental. in Dublin CA Area

Have you thought about what your missing teeth are doing to your body and your spirit overall? Missing teeth have a significant impact on your general health and mental wellbeing. Read on to discover the pros of having dentures made for missing teeth in Dublin, California.

What Are the Effects of Missing Teeth?

  • Lowers self-esteem
  • Smile less, or you avoid smiling
  • Alters normal facial structure
  • Alters normal speech pattern
  • Contributes to continued bone loss in the jawline
  • Interferes with normal chewing and digestion of foods

If you have some stable and healthy teeth left, it is sometimes best to have a bridge made surrounding these healthy teeth. A bridge can be removable or permanent.

Dr. Munira Lokhandwala and her seasoned and skilled staff give you your options and help you decide the best choice for your situation. In the event of extensive damage or tooth loss, you might opt to extract the remaining teeth and have a complete set of dentures made.

Dentures are one of the most common solutions if you are missing teeth. Our dentures are constructed using high-quality metal and acrylics. Dentures are such an easy solution to help you avoid all the cons of continuing to live with missing teeth. You do have options when it comes to replacing missing teeth, such as,

Pros of Having Dentures Made

There are no cons to consider when you decide to have dentures made. Dentures reverse all of the adverse effects that missing teeth have on your oral health and general health. When you improve your appearance by replacing missing teeth,

  • You improve many other things, such as quality of work and socialization.
  • Your facial structure returns to normal, allowing you to smile once again and speak clearer.
  • You are finally able to chew your food as it should be before swallowing. Thus, your digestion improves.
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You will be delighted when you learn how affordable the cost of dentures is in Dublin. Most dental insurance pays a portion of your denture cost. Our staff can help you with insurance issues.

A Call Now for High-Quality, Affordable Dentures

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