Common Dental Problems to Watch Out for in Children

Dentistry for Kids in Dublin Area

Children can suffer many of the same dental problems as adults due to poor dental hygiene. That’s why kids’ dental care is so critical. Teaching your children good oral habits at a young age can help them enjoy strong, healthy teeth in their formative years. We recommend bringing your kids to our Dublin clinic for routine dental exams and cleaning. At StarBrite Dental, we offer quality dentistry for kids to keep them smiling happily year after year.

Common Dental Problems with Kids

Like adults, children are prone to dental issues. Many of these problems can be avoided through preventive dentistry. The following are some dental problems common to children:

  • Cavities – Cavities are widespread among young children due to improper oral care and poor dietary choices. When kids don’t brush properly, plaque and harmful bacteria can accumulate on their teeth and eat away at the tooth enamel, causing decay. Sugary foods and drinks can make this problem worse. Improved oral hygiene and a healthier diet can help keep your kids’ teeth cavity-free.
  • Bad breath – Bad breath in children is often caused by poor brushing habits that leave food particles on their teeth. This food causes bacteria to breed and emit a smelly odor from their teeth. This can be rectified by improved brushing and routine dental cleaning.
  • Tooth sensitivity – Plaque buildup can wear down the enamel on your children’s teeth, causing tooth sensitivity. Dental sealants can help protect your child’s teeth by reducing sensitivity.
  • Gum disease – It’s not uncommon for children to be diagnosed with gingivitis, the early form of gum disease. Gingivitis causes red, swollen gums that bleed when kids brush their teeth. It’s caused by plaque and tartar buildup around the base of your child’s teeth. If caught early enough, this disease can be treated, and symptoms reversed to protect your child’s teeth.
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Dentistry for Kids in Dublin

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