Dublin area dentist describes the purpose of the dental crown

Dr. Munira Lokhandwala, Star Brite Dental Provides

The dental crown is a common restoration used by dentists in the Dublin area for many purposes. This ceramic repair can be done to replace missing teeth, protect existing teeth, or reconstruct teeth that have been damaged. These versatile ceramic restorations are great for patients who are seeking a strong, beautiful way of repairing the smile.

Dental crowns are made of ceramic, and at traditional dental practices in the Dublin area, patients need several weeks for the entire process, start to finish. However, Dr. Munira Lokhandwala of StarBrite Dental is a step ahead of her competition and offers same day dental crowns and restorations with the use of CEREC technology.

CEREC is a CAD/CAM system with software that digitizes impressions of the natural tooth and uses them to mill out a restoration from a block of porcelain right in the dental office. The process takes just a few minutes and patients will have a precise dental crown in one visit. Other dentists need to prepare the tooth, take impressions, and send them to outside dental laboratories for fabrication. Patients must wear a temporary crown until their final one comes in, which can take a few weeks and another dental visit. Instead, Dr. Munira Lokhandwala can prepare the teeth, take digital impressions, and then place the final dental crown during the same appointment, saving time, money, and frustrations.

Dental crowns are made for many reasons. A tooth may have become damaged and needs strong repairs to protect it from further breakage. Dr. Munira Lokhandwala may then fabricate a dental crown to bond over the tooth to give it an extra layer of protection. Dental crowns are often made to restore dental implants, which are placed to address missing teeth. Patients may also use dental crowns to cover teeth that have been damaged with extensive tooth decay, or to fuse to false teeth called pontics to fabricate dental bridges. The possibilities are endless, especially with the CEREC technology available in the practice of StarBrite Dental.

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