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Teeth Whitening Treatment in Dublin CA

Dr. Munira Lokhandwala (StarBrite Dental) is an experienced dentist providing advanced teeth whitening treatments in Dublin, CA.

Yellowing teeth can be a big problem that can affect your life adversely if not checked at the right time. Smoking, eating foods that contain rich color, drinking soda, and irregular dental cleaning can lead to stubborn stains on your teeth.

It is possible for you to get your beautiful pearly white smile back with the help of in-office teeth whitening treatment. These whitening systems are completely safe for your teeth and are gentle on your enamel. They work to break up the stains present on your teeth and remove them completely. A qualified dentist performs the procedure.

Dr. Munira Lokhandwala (StarBrite Dental) is an experienced dentist providing advanced teeth whitening treatments in Dublin, CA.

Peroxide Based Whitening Gel

In-office teeth whitening has proven effective in cleaning yellowing teeth stains with the help of peroxide based whitening gel. After the dentist is done applying this gel to your teeth, you would notice that your teeth are whiter and brighter than before. The gel works to break down stain molecules.

Sometimes, the dentist may activate the whitening gel by using a high-powered light. Lights assist in better and quicker results, as they aid oxygen in penetrating the teeth better. A combination of take-home and in-office methods are also recommended by some dentists based on unique needs and requirements for longer lasting results.

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In-office Teeth Whitening Procedure

Preparation of your Teeth

Your dental hygienist will start the procedure by cleaning your teeth. Food particles, tartar, and bacteria shall be removed by your dental hygienist to ensure that there is no interference with the teeth-whitening procedure.

Application of the Whitening Agent

The next step is the careful application of a whitening gel to the surface of your teeth. After this, your dentist will spread the whitening solution to cover the surface of your smile. Careful attention will be paid to covering the dental enamel evenly for more natural looking results.

A protective barrier is used on your gums before the application of the whitening solution to make sure that there is no irritation caused to your gums due to the treatment.

How does the Whitening Gel Work?

Image of a smilling woman with brighter teeth

The gel works to remove yellow stains from your teeth after being applied for a prescribed amount of time. Your dentist might also use specialized light to accelerate the process and achieve your desired results. However, this depends upon the treatment you select. Generally, procedures are for short intervals of time. However, better results are achieved when you apply the gel for a longer period.

The process entails application of gel three times for 15 minutes each at an interval of 5 to 10 minutes. After the removal of one layer the dentist will apply a brand new layer with the entire process taking about an hour to brighten your smile by up to eight shades.

It is possible for you to require more than one in-office teeth whitening procedure to achieve desired results.

Treatment Results

Treatment results cannot be predicted as they depend on the condition of the teeth. Most patients are generally happy and satisfied with their results. There are a number of factors on which the final outcome of this treatment depends. They are:

  • The location of the stains on the teeth
  • The number of treatments
  • Dietary habits and lifestyle
  • The level of stains

After the Treatment

After getting an in-office teeth whitening procedure you will notice a definite improvement in your smile with whiter teeth almost immediately. With at-home treatments the results might take a little longer to develop.

Maintaining your Teeth after the Treatment

It is possible that stains might reappear within months or years after this treatment. These whitening treatments give immediate results by way of making your teeth whiter and your smile brighter; however, it does not stop your teeth from staining again. Therefore, it is necessary for you to undergo periodic treatments in order to maintain results.

Treatments after proper consultation with a quality dentist can provide long lasting results. The right whitening treatment can make your smile brighter, whiter, and completely natural.


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